Monday, July 19, 2010

It Begins Again


After several official enquiries from our chambers of commerce and industry foreign trade office. I decided to contact you directly about a product my company needs from Dubai but we are having problem with the owner of the product due to language barrier.*

Our company deals on costumes such as White Purple, Black and Green Diamond Mixture, we have been purchasing the product from Saudi Arabia but it is very scarce now and we got an information that somebody has it in Dubai. We contacted the owner of the product through his telephone but could not understand his language as he speaks Arabic. This is why we need you to help us link with the dealer. His name is AKIM AHMED.**

Please if you can Speak Arabic,*** take out a moment of your very busy schedule to respond +447045730057 for more details and we will also give you the telephone number of the dealer to call and confirm if he has the product in stock. What we need at the moment is White and Purple Diamond Mixture.

We used to buy from SAUDI-ARABIA at the rate of $400 per Gramm and we need about 5 kilogrammes. Assist us to know if the man has up to 5 kilos and each Gramm that we are buying, we are adding $110 for our profit (i.e. you and I).**** We are seriously in need of the product because of lack of materials in our company. This transaction is 100% risk free, legal and is a long lasting business that will enrich both of us.

Paul Moore,
Production Manager
Direct line: +447045730057 or E-mail us with this (

* no fooling
** I am SO all over this guy, starting now
*** well, not exactly
**** this looks to involve multiplication and/or long division which, I admit, are not in my wheelhouse. But. Not to worry, Paul. I completely trust you to do what's right because, hey -- you came to me, personally and directly


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