Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Country Russia

Good Day!  You are disturbed by administration of sites of  acquaintances of USA.  You are the member of this group.  One of our members interested in you and we send you the message delivered from MemberName="MiraOldy".  This WOMAN wishes to get acquainted with you.  There is HER message: 
"Greetings the stranger, are Written by me to you from the big country of Russia, I have read your profile and you are interesting for me, I see you as a pleasant interlocutor, I wish to et acquainted with you better and to exchange photos and not only.I will be very glad if our relations do not stop on that that we will communicate only on correspondence, I'll be glad to meet you one day. I will tell you a little bit about myself: I'm very nice, sociable and cheerful girl.  I'm 27 years old, growth 169, my yes are brown, hair dark, weight of 54 kg, a sports constitution, I regularly visit fitness the centre to support the figure both to be in shape and to like men.  If you are self-assured and trust that can deserve my attention that write, we will look that will turn out.

This spam disturbs me in so many ways.
First, the photo: is that a hairless cat, or a tiny goat?  Are they on the deck of a cruise ship?  Mira, Mira, why tease us like this?
Then: growth 169.  WTF?  Something she developed after Chernobyl?  At least she's sociable.  
Do you think she knows Inna?  And what does it mean that she'll be glad if our relations do not stop and that we will communicate only on correspondance.
And the overseer: yes, I am disturbed by the Administer Of Sites of Acquaintances USA.  Of course I am.  We all are.  Which is why everyone needs a Mira and her hairless goat cat to comfort us with her sports constitution.  All of us.