Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wong Again

I followed the inscrutable Director of the Hang Seng Bank today, as he left his tryst-nyst sans Inna and headed across town with a mysteriously leaden plastic bag. He took the serpentine route, through the backstreets and market alleys, past the endless stalls and kiosks selling animal parts and blackmarket DVDs and discontinued Thomas The Tank Engine toys, his gait steady, never looking back. The black bag swung from his hand like a talisman. Whatever it contained was too small to be a soccer player's head, if that's what you're thinking, and I was, but we shouldn't be surprised if he'd shrunk it.

My feet ached. I think the knock-off Asics I bought yesterday have cardboard soles. And It ended finally on the gangway stairs of the SS Indefatigable, flying a Turkmanistani flag, seen here in the dazzling nether hours of the harbor.

I was not allowed onboard.

And the next morning, Indefatigable was gone in the fog.

Friday, November 2, 2007

I Want To Say U Hi

Ave, my dear friend!

A beautiful woman is writing you a letter. This woman is me... I will tell you something sad about myself. I am a woman who lost all hopes and dreams to be happy into marriage life. I lost belief into attempts to find my rue Love.

A lot of men deceived me, tried to broke me and hurt me deeply. But I have never given up, I overcome all betrayals, lie and went toward my happiness again and again. But... I am still alone... I am tired to live in lie, to be a beautiful toy into cruel hands of somebody whom I don't love.

I don't know you, but I was frank with you and if you feel that you're a man who is able to love, who is able to make me happy, to cure all scars into my soul. You may expect for sincere and true love of a beautiful, but lonely woman with broken heart where is left some place for true love who can appreciate it.